How to Wash Vintage Clothing?

Hey there, vintage lovers! So, you’ve bought some awesome vintage pieces, but now you're wondering how to give them a good wash without accidentally ruining them, right? Don't sweat it! Washing vintage clothing can be simple with the right process. We personally wash all of our pieces before they get to you, but once it needs another wash, you can use this as your 'how-to' guide. Now let’s get into some tips to keep your vintage in good condition so it lasts another 20 years. 

Washing Vintage Clothing

1. Handle with TLC:

Vintage garments often need a little extra love because they're sometimes made from delicate fabrics, or it doesn't have the original strength it used to have due to wear. Before you start scrubbing away, take a moment to check out the care label if there is one. If not, no worries! Just treat your piece delicately to avoid any potential damage.

2. Tackle Those Stains with OxiClean:

Stains happen, but they don't have to last forever. We personally swear by OxiClean for our clothes, especially when it comes to vintage, but any stain remover does the job. Mix a bit with water to make a paste, dab it on the stain, and let it work its magic for about 30 minutes before washing. For those extra stubborn stains, you might need to repeat the process or let it soak overnight in a tub of hot water. Always test it in a small area just in case it does remove some color.

3. Wash with Color Catchers:

With vintage clothing, you want to keep as much of the original color as you can as it will naturally fade over time. But washing them can sometimes lead to a color bleeds and issues. Don't worry, color catchers are here to save the day. Just toss one in the wash with your vintage clothing, and it'll soak up any loose dyes and dirt, keeping your colors vibrant and separate. If you don't have big enough loads to seperate colors when washing, this could be your solution as well!

4. Take it Easy with Hand Washing:

Sure, it’s tempting to toss everything in the washing machine and call it a day, but vintage clothes usually prefer a gentler touch. If you have a really special piece you don't want to risk putting in the wash, you can always wash it gently by hand. Fill up a basin with lukewarm water and some mild detergent, then give your piece a nice soak. Gently massage it to loosen up any dirt or grime, then rinse it out and let it air dry. Easy!

5. Air Dry:

Listen up—your vintage finds are not fans of the dryer. Over time it can mess with their fibres or even shrink them if they haven't been washed before. Instead, lay them flat on a towel or drying rack to air dry. Shape them back into their original glory, smooth out any wrinkles, and let them soak up that fresh air until they're good to go. Air drying is also more environmentally friendly, saves money, and increases the life span of your clothes. 


With these tips, you'll be able to wash your vintage without worry in no time. So go ahead, wear your vintage pieces with confidence knowing you're keeping them looking good for years to come! Don't have any vintage? We've got you covered with our huge curated collection of hand-picked vintage garments from the 90's and earlier!