NEWLIFE was founded in April of 2019 in Edmonton, Alberta, created with a vision to provide one of a kind vintage garments at an affordable price point.​

Our goal is to give a "NEWLIFE" to clothing pieces. We aim to curate the most fashionable and unique items for our customers, while giving back to our community and promoting a circular economy to preserve our environment.

NEWLIFE is an E-commerce based shop however we also take in person shopping appointments. Please contact us if you have any questions!

Sustainability Through Vintage

Sustainability is a major concern in the fashion industry. However according to Green Story, by just reusing a shirt it reduces its carbon foot print by 82%! At NEWLIFE we strive to find unique items for you to wear proudly.

Giving clothing a NEWLIFE and repurposing it is a start, we're trying to go further than that. Utilizing compostable & recycled mailers, reusable freebies, recycled clothing tags and reducing the use of single use plastic are a few ways we are working to become more sustainable within our business.

A percentage of each purchase also goes towards our featured non-profit so you can feel even better about your purchase. We thank you for your support as you are making a difference just by shopping here!

The Faces Behind NEWLIFE​ Clothing

Our name's are Kate Indzeoski and Robbie Yamada and we are the dynamic duo behind NEWLIFE Clothing.

Robbie created NEWLIFE back in April of 2019 with one more year left in his Bachelor Commerce Degree at the University of Alberta! He graduated in June of 2020 with a degree in Operations Management and has been pursuing building NEWLIFE into his full time career ever since. Robbie has varying work experience in both retail settings and the corporate world, and always had the desire to start his own business. In October of 2020 he took the leap of faith, quit his day job, and has been working on NEWLIFE full time.

Kate joined NEWLIFE in April of 2020 and has been taking over and providing her expertise in certain areas of the business. She graduated in 2021 with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a major in Marketing. Kate has a multitude of experience running social media accounts in various industries ranging from clothing stores to dentists!

We started as a couple but have now also became business partners. We have loved navigating through this journey together and can't wait for the future of NEWLIFE.

We have always had a passion for fashion and clothing, and it only seemed right to combine our passion with business. It was necessary to incorporate a way to also make a positive impact on the environment in our eyes since fashion is one of the largest polluting industries in the world. Promoting vintage fashion as an alternative to fast fashion brands is the way we thought we could do this! We believe vintage fashion is a great way to wear items that no one else will have that is both sustainable and at a very affordable price point. Donating a portion of each order to a charity who's sole goal is to preserve our environment was also a no brainer for us!

Please feel free to connect with Robbie on LinkedIn or Kate on Instagram and message or email us any questions or comments you may have! Thanks for visiting!

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